Designs based on the pursuit of comfort and fashion


The history of our company goes back to the beginning of the Showa Period when our founder, three generations past, started making hand-made leather shoes in Mikawashima (called “Arakawa” at the time).

The business was incorporated in 1956, however, for about the last 80 years since the business was originally established, we have been making the highest quality gentlemen’s leather shoes insuring consistently outstanding customer satisfaction.

We recognize the latest trends such as the emphasis on healthy lifestyles which influences both our designs as well as our merchandising. One of the most important trends we have seen is that comfort is a key factor in the shoes businessmen select. Thus, we have been devoting our efforts to taking advantage of new materials and development of lasts that are well-fitted to the shape of feet for comfortable walking.

In everything from our original products to OEM products which are tailor-made from customer requests, our mission is to make shoes which deliver 100% customer satisfaction, setting “Quality” & “Comfort” as the trademark of Sarai shoes in the 21st century.


Name Sarai Shoes Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
4-1-4 Machiya,Arakawa,Tokyo 116-0001 JAPAN MAP
Tel +81-03-3895-7321
FAX +81-03-3892-6552
Business activities primary business: mens' leather shoes manufacturing and wholesale
Paid-in capital \32,700,000

factory in Japan

Address 〒300-0842 Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki west root south 2-8-10
Phone +81-029-841-0921
FAX +81-029-841-0802
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Overseas Contract Factory

Tongshian Shang Feng Shoes Co., Ltd.

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Bonshoe International Co., Ltd. (Gore-Tex authorization factory of the license acquisition)

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Brand De Togni